• 2023-03-21

Apple smart home business welcomes new leaders, he once saved a smart lock to $ 700

Mar 15, 2022

On February 17th, according to foreign media reports, insider revealed that the CEO of a smart lock company, Sam Jadallah, who worked in Apple and was responsible for leading Apple’s home project. .

(picture from Apple official website)

Jaartara was the CEO of Otto, Otto, this company is in one Close up year ago. And ask Jaartara is the latest signal that Apple is planning to work in terms of family.
Recently, Apple acquired a startup called PullString, which focused on voice toys. This transaction may help Apple be the center of an Internet of Things living room.

At present, Jaarta has updated his personal information on LinkedIn, reflecting his new role in Apple.
Apple has a series of home-oriented products, including software service HOMEKIT with a large number of third-party products, and smart home speakers HomePod, speech recognition, music and other functions.

Outo, Jaarta, made Otto, made a lock worth $ 700 and supported the support of Greylock of venture capital firm. He also worked in Microsoft for more than ten years, in Moore u0026 Middot; Davido has done venture capital.

(picture from Otto)

Otto has launched a beautiful design, supporting Bluetooth and WiFi’s luxury locks, will suspend operations after 4 months . In an interview, Jaartah suggests that the buyer has found it, but the buyer quits at the last moment.
Jaartara has previously stated that about 70% of the early teams of Otto were digging from Apple. This lock is compared to the Apple u0026 Rdquo in the smart lock; It is still unclear whether Jaartara will bring these early employees, or whether there will be new employment authorizations. At present, Apple’s family sector has about 6 job vacancies.
In the smart home market, Apple also competes with Alphabet and Amazon and other competitors, and the next two companies will lead to the US market. All three companies have combinations of hardware and software, which can control all operations from using voice switching lights to play music. Compared with Amazon’s Echo and Google Home, Apple’s HomePod only accounts for a small part of the market share. (TechWeb)