• 2023-03-21

# Chain Dog Daily# 2019-05-27 Monday BTC 24 hours increase 10%

Sep 30, 2022

[Mining Circle]

According to AMBCRYPTO, recently BCH signed Schnorr’s signature to the network to improve security and speed up the transaction speed. Blockstream researcher Andrew Poelstra recently said that Bitcoin can get better scalability and security through Schnorr signatures.

According to BTC.COM data, the current Bitcoin’s entire network has not confirmed that the number of transactions is 7526, the entire network is 51.85 EH/s, and the 24 -hour transaction rate is 3.76 transaction/second. At present 6.70 t, predicted that the next difficulty will be increased by 7.79%to 7.23 t, and there are 4 days left.

[Currency circle]

According to AICOIN data, the total market value of the global cryptocurrency rose to US $ 266.819 billion. The proportion of the cryptocurrency market ranks first in Bitcoin, with a market value of about 152.3 billion US dollars, and the current market value accounts for 57.08%; Ethereum ranks second, with a market value of 28 billion US dollars, with a market value of 10.49%; Ripples of Ripple; Ripple Corporation; Ripple Corporation; Ripple Corporation; Ripple Corporation; Ripple Corporation; Ripple Corporation. Ranked third, with a total market value of 16.9 billion US dollars and a market value of 6.31%.

BTC continued to rise today, breaking through 8,800 US dollars, an increase of about 10%in 24 hours.

According to the Huobi market, the EOS increase continued to expand, breaking the US $ 7 integer mark, and the daily increase expanded to 11.15%, and the current offer is $ 7.02.

[Chain Circle]

The report shows that Zhejiang Province has achieved innovation and development with cutting -edge hotspot information technology represented by edge computing and blockchain.

Kaohsiung Mayor Han Yu: Using AI and blockchain technology to promote Kaohsiung to become a new digital city.

Central Bank Digang: The central bank pilot “Bay Area Trade Financial Blockchain Platform” so far exceeds 40