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# Chain Dog Daily# 2019-06-01 Saturday BTC Establishing Rising Channel

Sep 30, 2022

[Mining Circle]

The Litecoin mining procedures including most mining pool institutions are between 2%-4%, but only OK mining pools with the lowest handling fee are contained The PPS+model of the block handling fee, compared to the traditional model, the benefits brought by the Litecoin mining will be 2%-5%higher.

Li Peicai, founder of Easy Mining Pond: The return rate will be very important when investing in investment.

[Currency circle]

According to Huobi data, Bitcoin rose slightly, a brief breakthrough to 8600USDT, the highest price reached 8622USDT, now reported 8583.63USDT, and the 24 -hour increase was to 2.77%, the market fluctuates greatly.

According to the Chain to Finance, Buffett was sold for $ 4.57 million in 2019. Insiders said that it was suspected to be photographed by Sun Yuchen, the founder of the wave field.

據Ethereum World News消息,美國金融集團Susquehanna數字貨幣業務主管Bart Smith近日表示,比特幣的上漲有兩個重要原因:1.中美貿易戰導致人民幣匯率不穩定,這使得許多Chinese investors began to use BTC to hedge the risk of sketching rates; 2. The impact of the 2019 New York Consensus Conference.

[Chain Circle]

Steven, chief analyst of Ruihai Consulting, told the recent market analysis that since the Bitcoin has exceeded 6300, the price of 6300-7000-7500-8000 has formed obvious formation The upward trend line, connect the upper connection high, form a pressure level, and form a rising channel as a whole.

The Institute of Binance Research: Payment settlement and operating system (public chain) projects still occupy the dominance of blockchain entrepreneurial projects.

At the China Blockchain Technology and Application Summit Forum, Yan Ying, technical director of Ant blockchain and senior technical expert of the blockchain laboratory of Alida House, delivered a speech saying that the bottleneck of blockchain performance is not in The consensus algorithm is the efficient execution of the contract, lies in IO.

Li Guanyu, deputy director of the Information Technology and Software Services Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will work hard to promote the research, technology research and development, and application promotion of blockchain -related industries. Create a good development environment, release the value of blockchain, and promote the healthy development of the blockchain industry.