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# Chain Dog Daily# 2019-06-02 Sunday Blockchain Summit Forum

Sep 30, 2022

[Mining Circle]

According to Coindesk, Researcher Gleb Naumenko (UNIVERSITY of British Columbia) researcher Gleb Naumenko (University of British Columbia) and two heavyweight Bitcoin developers Greg Maxwell and Pieter Wuille proposed a relay agreement called “Erlay”. This newly proposed relay agreement can reduce the “transaction bandwidth” used by Bitcoin nodes by 75%.

According to monitoring, the number of active addresses and transfer of BTCs increased by 16.98%and 10.99%respectively from the day before. BCTREND analyst Jeffrey believes that although the volume of BTC trading has declined, overseas traffic has risen again, and short -term consolidation for storage.

[Currency circle]

Steven analyst Steven analysts of Ruihai Consulting said: Bitcoin currently starts to attack after a narrow shock near 8500 When an enlargement, try to build the short -term structure of “head and shoulders”, but the transaction volume is significantly reduced compared to the previous two times. It is recommended that investors do not blindly chase high. It is better to consider watching and seeing; at present, the volume cannot break through the key position, and the trend will not be conducive to bulls.

While the price of BSV soared in May, other indicators on other corresponding chains have also increased significantly.

Former Morgan Chase trader Tone Vays: Cryptocurrency uses the current biggest obstacle to the wrong information.

[Chain Circle]

According to CCTV.com, on June 2, China Blockchain Technology and Application Summit Forum was held in Gulou District, Nanjing. At the meeting, the Gulou High -tech Zone Management Committee and the China Computer Association held a joint development of long -term cooperation strategic signing agreements to cooperate and co -build a blockchain technology application cooperation base.

The People’s Daily Online said that the development of the blockchain industry has entered a new stage, and an era of blockchain application -oriented is coming. The application of blockchain technology will show the “multi -point flowering and accelerate advancement” situation. At present, whether it is capital, or Internet giants represented by Ali and Baidu, they have begun to deeply cultivate the blockchain industry. “Blockchain” and “why blockchain” gradually transform into “how to use blockchain”. It is expected that the operating system constructed by blockchain technology can be reshaped through blockchain technology, so as to find a new direction for the development of the industry.

At the China Blockchain Technology and Application Summit Forum, Zhang Xiaojun, director of the Huawei blockchain project and the head of the financial industry industry development, shared the three -point industrial consensus of the blockchain industry. First, the blockchain has the attributes of the alliance day, and many parties participate in the endThe goal of becoming a unified trade is the goal; second, the blockchain is centered on data security and the goal of simplifying processes, saving transaction costs is its key value.Third, the blockchain does not focus on technology, and the appropriate scene is the root of its value.