• 2022-10-06

Robotics learning dual -style enhancement of humorous comedy actors encountered a grabbing rice bowl

Sep 23, 2022

For an artificial intelligence researcher, the double -level joke manufacturing machine may not sound serious, but the research team of Stanford University has created an interesting robot. These robots can not only read the news or tell us the weather, but also tell a joke or tell us a joke or tell us. Writing poetry can even tell fascinating stories.
Artificial Intelligence

The team tried to give some creative wisdom to artificial intelligence through the insights of humorous theory. They also held a dual -style competition that allowed artificial intelligence to confront human humor masters. However, the evaluation of the machines who rated the twin -ties are not very good, and the system only defeated humans with 10 % of the time. In addition, the dual -ties sometimes have grammatical errors.

Roger Levy, director of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Computing Psychological Language Laboratory, said that this method is a good start for the establishment of artificial intelligence with more personalities. He said: “In fact, a sense of humor is a challenging aspect of spiritual researchers, but it is also the basic element of our human nature.”