• 2022-10-06

4 scientific and technological projects in Lunan District, Tangshan City have passed the acceptance to promote economic transformation and upgrading

Sep 23, 2022

Relying on scientific and technological innovation in Tangshan Road South District to promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and the rapid development of strategic emerging industries. In the first half of the year, 4 science and technology projects passed the acceptance of experts organized by the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau to promote the application of a number of scientific and technological achievements.

u0026 ldquo; Ocean Exposure Cable u0026 RDQUO; and Tangshan Sanchuan Iron and Steel Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. undertaken by u0026 ldquo; Ocean Exposure Cable u0026 RDQUO; Application demonstration u0026 rdquo;, Tangshan Keida Instrument Instrument Co., Ltd. u0026 ldquo; self -circulating flow test device u0026 rdquo;, Tangshan Caide Electric Electric Electric Electric Electric Equipment Co., Ltd. u0026 rdquo; After two years of research and development, after two years of research and development, the various research and development content prescribed by the project has been successfully completed, and good economic and social benefits have been achieved. During the implementation period of the project, 4 projects invested a total of 18.53 million yuan in scientific research funds (of which 1.09 million yuan was supported by higher -level finances), achieved sales revenue of 74.12 million yuan, realized profit and tax 12.33 million yuan, 10 professional and technical personnel, obtained national patent 3 3 Items, obtain 4 software product certificates, and formulate 1 enterprise standard.

The implementation of these projects has promoted a number of innovation results with independent intellectual property rights to quickly transform into real productivity, effectively enhance corporate innovation capabilities, further promoted the close combination Industry, accelerating the transformation and upgrading of the industrial structure has made positive contributions.