• 2023-02-02

Another technology -based small and medium -sized enterprise in Handan City is listed

Sep 23, 2022

On July 21, Handan City Guangping County Extreme New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was officially listed on the Shanghai Equity Custody Trading Center, becoming another successful case of Handan Science and Technology SME SMEs.

Extreme New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology -based small and medium -sized enterprise identified by Handan City in 2014. It has a number of national patents including multi -rotor electromagnetic engine technology, covering many categories such as magnetic power principles, magnetic power shapes, and magnetic power applications, filling a number of international and domestic technology gaps. After testing by national authoritative agencies, multi -rotor electromagnetic engine technology and products are cutting -edge scientific research results. While significantly reduced energy consumption, it can greatly improve energy utilization efficiency and is the best alternative product for traditional power. The company’s main products include energy -saving and environmentally friendly magnetic electrical engines, casual electric vehicles and electric vehicles. They belong to the green environmental protection products advocated by the state. market expectation. After the company is listed, it will strongly promote the development of the enterprise.

In recent years, Handan City will promote the listing and financing of science and technology small and medium -sized enterprises as an important measure for scientific and technological work. , Guide enterprises to list or list, make full use of the capital market to develop rapidly.