• 2023-03-21

Construction of the Tangshan Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to promote the technical transfer center

Sep 30, 2022

In order to better serve the construction of local scientific and technological innovation systems, accelerate the transformation of the scientific and technological achievements of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in the local area of Tangshan, and enhance the ability of county and district enterprise technology innovation services.The Technical Research and Transformation Center Cooperation Agreement Agreement “, which is also the second technical transfer center established in Tangshan after the establishment of Tangshan Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Qianxi Branch Center will focus on the development of key areas and strategic emerging industries around local mining environmental governance and sewage governance, relying on the advantages of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and talents to jointly promote the construction of the Enterprise Engineering and Technology Research Center of Western County.The sub -center will assist Tangshan Center to regularly organize high -tech enterprises to apply for training to expand the scope of business.The two parties will jointly explore the new model of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the regional technology transfer cooperation, and provide technical support and scientific and technological services for the movement of Western County u0026 ldquo; adjusting the structure u0026 rdquo;