• 2022-10-06

Handan City has achieved a number of scientific research results in the field of organic small molecular materials research

Sep 23, 2022

Recently, the Handan City Organic Small Molecular Materials Key Laboratory, which was built by Handan College and co -built by Hebei Haoyang Chemical Co., Ltd., passed the acceptance of the Handan Science and Technology Plan Platform project, marked the laboratory construction to a new level. New breakthroughs have been achieved in the field of materials research.

Since the item of 2013, the key laboratory of organic small molecular materials in Handan City has strengthened the basic conditions of laboratory, focusing on talent introduction and training, and continuously improving scientific research capabilities. The laboratory is equipped with 1,787 sets of analysis, testing, and testing instruments and equipment, and 3,630 square meters of scientific research houses. There are 38 fixed researchers, including 8 doctors and 23 masters. Focusing on four research directions, including organic small molecular research, organic small molecular synthesis research for organic small molecules for photovoltaic materials, organic small molecules for light -emitting materials, and research on the research of polymer materials, and computer simulation research, the laboratory undertakes and completed scientific research projects. 21 items. Among them, 1 National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2 Provincial Natural Science Foundation Projects, 4 provincial science and technology plan projects, 4 provincial universities scientific research projects, and 5 municipal science and technology research projects. Nine patents have been applied for, 4 patent authorizations have been obtained; 44 academic papers are published, including 26 SCI retrieval and 4 EI retrieval. Research results u0026 ldquo; Nitrogen oxide for the design, synthesis and anti -tumor activity research u0026 rdquo; and u0026 ldquo; high -efficiency plant source pesticide pesticides production process improvement u0026 rdquo; Award, third prize. The laboratory has 30 open topics, trains students to participate in science and technology competitions to obtain 22 awards, and declare 14 practical new patents. The laboratory has conducted in -depth cooperation in industry -university -research and research, and has cooperated with enterprises and scientific research units such as Haoyang Chemical, Jie Shen New Energy, Dongzhixing, Yiling Pharmaceutical Research Institute, and the Shanxi Coal Chemistry Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to carry out 9 scientific research projects. Five scientific research results have been achieved and more than 3 million yuan in economic benefits.

In the next 3 years, the laboratory will further consolidate the research direction, actively carry out research on the cross systems such as chemical chemicals, materials, pharmaceutical technology, biotechnology and other disciplines, and actively carry out the optimization of pharmaceutical pesticide intermediate craftsmanship and gingerinin , Jinduka’s effective ingredients in the golden flower sunflower, jointly related to the construction of u0026 ldquo; Calculating simulation-natural product extraction-effective component separation test-biological activity test-structural modification and transformation u0026 rdquo; Technical Support.