• 2022-10-06

Handan City’s “Research on Differential Monitoring of Demonstration of Atmospheric Pollution by Differential Absorbing Spectrum Technology” has made great progress

Sep 23, 2022

u0026 Ldquo, which is undertaken by Hebei Engineering University; Research u0026 rdquo in real -time monitoring of atmospheric pollution using differential absorption of spectral technology in differentiality spectral technology has passed the acceptance of scientific research projects.

The differential absorption spectrum technology used in this project is not only suitable for expensive high -resolution spectrometer to measure the counter -in calculation of the concentration of NO2 concentration of air pollutants, and more importantly, it is also suitable for low -cost ordinary spectrometers, and Using this technology to use ordinary spectrometers can also obtain good anti -discrimination results. Because the acquisition of this project’s reference spectrum is more economical and convenient compared to collecting reference spectrums on the ground or on the top of the mountain. Therefore, the use of this technology for the concentration of air pollutants NO2 is measured less capital, easy to operate, and can ensure a certain measurement accuracy, which has a strong universality.

At the same time, the differential absorption spectrum technology studied in this project is not only applicable to monitoring the concentration of pollutants NO2 in the atmosphere, but also can be used for monitoring of pollutants such as nitrogen oxides, SO2, and O3 in the atmosphere. You only need to move the monitoring wavelength to the vicinity of the pollutant characteristic absorption peak, and at the same time, the absorption section data is replaced with the absorption section data of the corresponding pollutant. In addition, if the spectrometer used has a wide range of collecting wavelength range, it can be monitored by a variety of pollutants. The implementation of the project will produce better social, economic and environmental benefits to Handan City, which will help the city to achieve the goal of sustainable development.