• 2023-03-21

Heilongjiang Daily: Help college students to start a business “30” landing pace to accelerate

Sep 30, 2022

In May this year, our province issued the “Several Opinions on Promoting the Innovation and Entrepreneurship of College Students” (hereinafter referred to as the “Opinions”), which proposes 30 specific measures to encourage 30 specific measures from 8 aspects of the entrepreneurial entry threshold, improve the financing guarantee system, and implement tax reduction and exemption. College student innovation and entrepreneurship. u0026 ldquo; 30 u0026 rdquo; Since the introduction of more than two months, the relevant departments of our province have increased their work, actively promoted the implementation of the policy in accordance with the division of responsibilities, and achieved staged progress in work. The pace of landing.

The principle of convenience and efficiency:

Twenty measures to strengthen employment services

In order to provide more public services, help college students improve their innovation and entrepreneurship capabilities, province in terms of employment services, province provinces, province provinces. The Human Resources and Social Affairs Department has formulated 20 specific measures for the implementation of the “Opinions”, such as increasing work survey. In -depth in -depth colleges, college students ‘entrepreneurial enterprises, and various college students’ entrepreneurial incubation bases, understand the actual situation of college students ‘entrepreneurship, grasp their needs, and put forward practical treatment opinions; improve the public service methods and content of college students’ entrepreneurship, directly enter colleges or use it directly or use The university service platform provides services for college students; revised entrepreneurial experts to enter the database standard, select entrepreneurial experts in related fields to enter the warehouse, formulate expert service work methods; guide localities to form a college student entrepreneurial clinic, improve work content, work procedures and management methods, and appoint entrepreneurial experts to adopt duty and take duty and Serving a diagnosis and other methods to serve entrepreneurial college students. And the national and provincial preferential support policies, workflows and rules of work, and college student entrepreneurial service guidelines are included in the 12333 telephone consulting service platform. At present, all provincial and municipal consulting service hotlines have been opened. A dedicated college student entrepreneurial service window has been established in the office of the talent service institutions at all levels to do a good job of service. Personnel agency, archives storage, social security handling, professional title assessment and other work of entrepreneurial college students have begun to accept. Focusing on specific issues such as public employment and entrepreneurship services entering the campus, the registration of the real -name system of college students, and the issuance of the “Employment and Entrepreneurship Certificate”, they jointly issued documents with the Provincial Department of Education and held a meeting for work deployment and organization.

It is understood that our province will further promote the establishment of college entrepreneurship service windows in various municipal (local) government office and talent service institutions at all levels. The establishment of the window must simplify the work process. In principle, realize u0026 ldquo; one -stop u0026 rdquo; service.
Create an innovation and entrepreneurial u0026 ldquo; DreamWorks u0026 RDQUO;: Building an entrepreneurial practice platform
u0026 emsp; u0026 emsp; In order to promote mass entrepreneurship, our province actively builds innovation and entrepreneurs u0026 ldquo; In order to provide more entrepreneurial space, the Provincial Department of Science and Technology launched the incubator construction work, and 37,500 square meters of non -office asset construction technology enterprise incubators have been cleaned up. Promote 8 provinces such as Heilongjiang Computing Center and Harbin Engineering UniversityThe computer college of colleges and universities jointly establishes a training base for innovation and entrepreneurship in Heilongjiang Province to provide a certain period of entrepreneurial training for undergraduates, graduate students, and doctoral students with clear entrepreneurial intentions. The college student innovation and entrepreneurial website established by the Communist Party Committee has been launched on trial operation. At the same time, it has carried out the college students’ entrepreneurial trainers. It has established 128 trainee bases and provided 2039 trainee positions.
u0026 emsp; u0026 emsp; In providing college students’ entrepreneurial venues, the Provincial Department of Education has established an entrepreneurial practice platform to invest 1 million yuan to guide funds to guide capital construction entrepreneurial demonstration bases for Harbin Institute of Technology entrepreneurial parks; The Employment Association has carried out substantial cooperation on the establishment of Heilongjiang Entrepreneurs mentor library, entrepreneurs entering the campus and creating a school -enterprise joint third -party service platform, and implemented an innovative and entrepreneurial training plan. In 1317, a college student innovation and entrepreneurial competition was held.
u0026 emsp; u0026 emsp; support u0026 ldquo; big conclusion u0026 rdquo;:
u0026 emsp; u0026 emsp; college student entrepreneurial loan guarantee company has been formed
u0026 emsp; u0026 emsp; Innovate entrepreneurship. At present, the provincial college student entrepreneurial loan guarantee company has been formed, and the funds of 200 million yuan have been allocated; the Provincial Department of Finance has reached a cooperation agreement with Harbin Bank, Longjiang Bank and the Provincial Credit Union. The first batch of 1.91 million loans were issued on August 5; the department also jointly studied u0026 ldquo; the work process of college student entrepreneurial seed funds u0026 rdquo; and the province was implemented. The special funds for targeted support have been implemented, and 30 million yuan has been arranged to incubators for 20 university students’ innovation and entrepreneurship incubation bases in the province, giving subsidies of 500,000 to 2 million yuan; 10,000 yuan.
u0026 emsp; u0026 emsp; It is understood that the Provincial Department of Science and Technology has currently formulated a work process for the transformation and guidance of scientific and technological achievements, and began to accept entrepreneurial projects with the transformation of college students. 10 entrepreneurial investment funds, including Keli Angel Fund, have launched the collection and screening of college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship projects of the seed period and initial period.
u0026 emsp; u0026 emsp; reduce the entry threshold:
u0026 emsp; u0026 emsp; distribute 6896 u0026 ldquo; No. 4 u0026 rdquo; business license
u0026 emsp; u0026 emsp; The bureau has canceled the restrictions on the company’s funding conditions. Except for the industries where the registered capital of the registered capital stipulated in laws and administrative regulations, other companies have no longer submitted and reviewed the capital inspection report, and actively promoted u0026 ldquo;The registration system, since July 1, a total of 6896 u0026 ldquo; No. 4 u0026 rdquo; business license.The administrative service hall was established u0026 ldquo; college graduates entrepreneurial green channels u0026 rdquo; identification, and added preferential policies and application processes in the registration window of the green channel.
u0026 emsp; u0026 emsp; It is reported that in order to further increase the support for college students ‘innovation and entrepreneurship, our province will continue to promote the large -scale development of college students’ entrepreneurial guarantee loans, promote the supporting support of seed funds and entrepreneurial incubators, and increaseStarting from several aspects of the work of innovation and entrepreneurship of college students, and further improving the level of public services, continue to make efforts, implement policies, and comprehensively stimulate college students’ enthusiasm for innovation and entrepreneurship.