• 2023-03-21

Huzhou City Demonstration City’s results are among the best

Sep 30, 2022

Recently, the State Intellectual Property Office announced the results of the 2014 national intellectual property demonstration city work assessment. Huzhou City, as one of the 25 national intellectual property demonstration cities, is one of the prefecture -level cities, and the assessment of demonstration city construction ranks fourth in the country. In 2014, Huzhou City used u0026 ldquo; coordinated, stimulated the motivation, strengthen protection, effectively use, optimize the environment u0026 rdquo; for work ideas, it enhanced the company’s independent innovation capabilities, promoted economic transformation and upgrading, achieved significant results, demonstrated the role of the demonstration city highlighted Essence

1. Co -planning and coordinating advancement, the work of intellectual property development is progressing smoothly. Give full play to the coordination and coordination of intellectual property joint meetings at all levels, and promote the establishment of national intellectual property demonstration cities, strong county engineering and provincial intellectual property demonstration counties (districts). Optimize the assessment system, and put the assessment focus on the proportion of invention patent applications, invention patent authorization and other indicators. The patented quantity structure has been comprehensively improved. The annual patent application and authorization volume reached 19,886 and 12679, respectively, with an increase of 19.82%and 22.79%, respectively. %And 34.36%, the proportion of invention patents accounted for 28.69%of the total patent application, and 8.09 invention patents per 10,000 people invention were higher than the national average of 3.19.

2. Adhere to the subject of enterprise, and the implementation of intellectual property strategy is promoted in an orderly manner. The number of enterprise patent applications and authorizations throughout the year were 17,249 and 11095, respectively, accounting for 86.73%and 87.5%of all applications and authorization; The total amount of 90.06%and 90.62%. Pay attention to the cultivation of intellectual property pilot demonstration enterprises and guide enterprises to regulate intellectual property management. A total of 25 enterprises have participated in the standards of corporate intellectual property management standards throughout the year. 17 patent demonstration enterprises, 1 provincial -level intellectual property demonstration enterprise, and 49 municipal patent demonstration enterprises.

3. Improve the law enforcement mechanism, and the intellectual property protection network has been continuously strengthened. Carry out u0026 ldquo; law enforcement business training courses u0026 rdquo;, system training e -commerce and circulation fields in the field of counterfeit patent violations and punishment for patent infringement disputes. The city’s patent administrative law enforcement personnel are uniformly dressed and use u0026 ldquo; patent u0026 rdquo; software on -site law enforcement. The total number of patent administrative law enforcement cases in the year reached 254, an increase of 179.12%. Among them, there were 132 suspected counterfeit patent cases, 46 patent infringement disputes, and 11 complaints. Establish a normal e -commerce law enforcement system, investigate and deal with 127 commodities involved in the e -commerce field, of which 49 infringement cases. Deqing County and Anji County were approved by the provincial intellectual property rights protection centers. Three counties open u0026 ldquo; 12330 u0026 rdquo; Intellectual property rights protection assistance hotline, more than 3,500 consultations related to intellectual property rights were visited throughout the year, and 5 cases of complaint patent infringement were dealt with. The province’s patented administrative law enforcement and intellectual property rights protection assistance performance evaluation double excellent; among 135 cities participating in the national patent law enforcement rights protection work performance assessment and evaluation, ranked 13th.

4. Promote effective use, and the effects of intellectual property wealth gradually appear. The “Interim Measures for the Management of Treatment of Patent Rights in Huzhou City” was revised and introduced, and the support conditions were further clarified and the application procedures were optimized. The city has received a total of 6.1725 million yuan in provincial pledge financing subsidies, accounting for 57.3%of the province’s total subsidy amount, 63 new patent pledged enterprises, with a total loan of 357 million yuan, a record high. Anji County became the first pilot pilot county in the country. Establish a normal connection with the Renmin Insurance Company, communicate and discuss, and actively guide the patent insurance pilot work in counties (districts). Patent insurance pilot county (district) cities with the most county (district).

V. Highlighting services, the external environment of intellectual property rights continues to optimize. Combined with the 4.26 Intellectual Property Promotion Week series, strengthen the publicity and education of intellectual property rights, and jointly broadcast the intellectual property public welfare promotional video with Huzhou TV station. Attach importance to the publicity of patent work information. 132 can be hired throughout the provincial level throughout the year, ranking second in the province. Encourage the cultivation and introduction of various high -quality intellectual property intermediaries, and introduce six patent agency agencies in Hangzhou and Beijing; and one new intellectual property information consulting service agency. Establish a Huzhou intellectual property network service platform, with a total of 341 registered enterprises and 186 individual users. 3,979 applications were accepted throughout the year, and 22 patent transaction information was released. Opening a demonstration city patent registration or patent license filing business to apply for online application green channels. After opening in July 2014, 18 applications for pledge registration have been completed. First.

6. Pay attention to the training of talents, and the intellectual property talent team is growing. Focusing on party and government leading cadres, enterprises and institutions, and patent service agency personnel, they will comprehensively build a team of intellectual property talent teams in the level. All kinds of intellectual property talent training courses were held throughout the year, including 11 high -standard training courses, with a total of nearly 4,000 training. Cultivate 150 patent mining and layout for enterprises, 112 patent information analysis junior practical personnel, and 68 internal auditors in implementing intellectual property management specifications. Organize the examination of corporate patent management engineers, 41 people have obtained the qualifications of patent management engineers, and 21 people have obtained patent management assistant engineers.