• 2023-03-21

In 2015, Daqing’s second batch of national high -tech enterprises began to determine the review review

Sep 30, 2022

The second batch of national high -tech enterprises in Daqing City in 2015 has been fully launched. Enterprises can declare before August 31. According to the arrangement, the Daqing Science and Technology Bureau will carry out u0026 ldquo; seed enterprises u0026 rdquo; reserve work and proposed enterprise recommendation work.

u0026 emsp; u0026 emsp; u0026 ldquo; seed enterprise u0026 rdquo; refers to the willingness to declare and identify national high -tech enterprises, and pay attention to the transformation of research and development and technological achievements. Products (services) are high -tech fields. Business specifications, but due to intellectual property rights, economic conditions, scientific and technological management, financial management, etc., a scientific and technological enterprise that does not meet the application requirements for the time being. The declaration of u0026 ldquo; seed enterprise u0026 rdquo; The “Seed Enterprise Recommendation Form” can be sent to the designated mailbox of the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau.

u0026 emsp; u0026 emsp; The scope of this identification includes: First, a new identification enterprise, a resident enterprise registered in the administrative area of u200bu200bDaqing City (registered before December 31, 2013), and 2012 High -tech enterprises, in accordance with the relevant requirements of the “Confirmation Measures” and “Work Guidelines”, they can be voluntarily declared if they consider the standards and requirements of high -tech enterprises’ identification standards. The second is the review enterprise: refers to the national high -tech enterprise identified in 2012. Enterprises that have not been reviewed within the time limit will cancel the qualifications of national high -tech enterprises.