• 2022-12-04

Ten key projects in Shijiazhuang City Promoting Innovation Driven

Sep 24, 2022

(Reporter Wang Junfeng intern Liang Yan) Recently, the Shijiazhuang Municipal Government issued the “Shijiazhuang City Implementation of the Top Ten Key Project Work Plan for Innovation-Driving Development Strategy (2015-2020)”, which will focus on implementing emerging industries and improvement projects. , Innovative system improvement projects, entrepreneurial platform construction projects, including ten key projects, adapt to new normal economic normal, stimulate new vitality in the market, create new engines for development, and promote the green rise of the city’s economic green and social harmonious development.

Emerging industry cultivation projects: accelerate the development of strategic emerging industries, make bigger and stronger biomedicine, and new generation of information technology two major industries, and actively cultivate high -end equipment manufacturing, energy conservation and environmental protection, new materials, new energy vehicle industries By 2020, strategic emerging industries will become the pillar industry of the city’s national economy.

In terms of biomedicine, it will take the pilot development pilot development pilot development pilot development pilot development pilot development of high -end biomedicine’s strategic emerging industries, focusing on the implementation of 67 high -end pharmaceutical key projects, accelerating the development of Chinese medicine, stone medicine, and Shenwei. Promote the upgrading of the biomedical industry in the city, and strive to be in 2016. By 2016, the main business income of the high -end pharmaceutical industry business exceeded 100 billion yuan, and in 2020 reached 150 billion yuan.

In terms of new generation of information technology, it will take the construction of the national semiconductor lighting industrialization base and satellite navigation industry base as the starting point, accelerate the development of satellite navigation, semiconductor lighting and other related industries, extend the industrial chain, strengthen the industry scale, form formed Industrial advantages. Strive for 2020, the new generation of information technology industry will be leapfrog development, and the main business income will exceed 100 billion yuan.

Traditional Industry Promotion Project: Re -establish traditional industries with information technologies such as cloud computing, the Internet of Things, and realize the deep integration of informatization and industrialization, promote the intelligentization of production processes, cultivate new production methods, comprehensively improve enterprise R u0026 D, production, production, production, production, production, production, production, production, production, production, production, and production, production,,, production, production,,, production, production,,, production, production, production, production,,. The intelligent level of sales, management and services will strive to reach 1 trillion yuan by the main business income of traditional industries by 2020.

In the steel industry, the total capacity of compression capacity will comprehensively promote the upgrading of technology, technology and equipment, and strive to make breakthroughs in steel boutique, green manufacturing, cutting -edge technology, and steel extension industry technology. In the petrochemical industry, we will strengthen the pillar industries such as petrochemical and coal chemical industry, strengthen the rising industries such as fine chemicals, agricultural chemical engineering, and cultivate basic chemical industry such as salt chemical and inorganic chemical raw materials, and make every effort to promote the circulation, agglomeration and large -scaleization of the chemical industry industry. , Comprehensively improve the development level of the petrochemical industry. In addition, it will make every effort to promote the development of the building materials industry, food processing industry, textiles and clothing industry, and traditional commerce and trade.

Innovation system improvement project: Strengthen the status of enterprise technology innovation, support enterprises to enhance innovation capabilities, strengthen key core technology research and development, promote the construction of scientific and technological innovation platforms, and encourage enterprises to participate in the decision -making and implementation of national and provincial scientific and technological plans.

Construction of scientific and technological innovation platforms, around biomedicine, electricitySub -information, high -end equipment manufacturing, energy conservation and environmental protection, new materials industries, accelerate the construction of innovative platforms such as the project (technology) research center, engineering (key) laboratory, and enterprise technology center to improve overall research and innovation capabilities. The construction of scientific and technological achievements transformation platforms, improve the achievement of achievement transformation of public service platforms, accelerate the construction of various scientific and technological intermediaries, and support technology intermediary service agencies such as the National University Science and Technology Park, the incubation base of science and technology enterprises, the productivity promotion center, and the technology transfer center Essence The construction of the scientific and technological innovation alliance, relying on the Shijiazhuang Beijing -Tianjin -Hebei Industry and Research Alliance, encourages enterprises to jointly unite colleges and scientific research institutes, and build an enterprise as the main body and industry -university -research cooperation with industrial technology innovation strategic alliances and industrial technology research institutes.

Entrepreneurship platform construction project: Create a good innovation and entrepreneurial ecological environment, stimulate the masses to create vitality, reduce the cost of innovation and entrepreneurship, strengthen innovation and entrepreneurship groups, and realize mass entrepreneurship and innovation.

Encourage cooperation with domestic superior enterprises, rely on social forces to build a market -oriented crowd -creative space, and explore new types of incubation models such as maker space, entrepreneurial coffee, and innovation workshop. Improve the innovation service system of small and medium -sized enterprises, and accelerate the professional and market -oriented reforms of entrepreneurial incubation, intellectual property services, third -party inspection and certification and other institutions. At the same time, accelerate the construction of fiscal and financial service platforms and e -commerce public service systems, provide various ways of financial services for entrepreneurial innovation activities, and create a loose environment for mass entrepreneurship.

Scientific and technological achievement transformation project: Improve results transformation and incentive policies, strongly promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, so that scientific and technological personnel can be reasonably returned in innovative activities. The transformation of achievements and expansion of the industrial scale and enhance the core competitiveness.

Promote the transformation of independent innovation achievements, focus on the fields of microbiopharmaceuticals, high -end equipment and other fields, and support enterprises and scientific research institutes and universities to jointly establish a base for scientific and technological achievements. The practical platform of innovative talents, set up a visiting researcher position for enterprises, and provide support for the transformation of innovation results. Encourage the introduction of integrated achievements, support enterprises to attract and recruit foreign scientists, encourage the introduction of advanced technologies at home and abroad, and support the joint digestion and re -innovation of production, university, and research. At the same time, accelerate the training of professional talents in the transformation of scientific and technological achievements.

In addition, the city will also implement talent cultivation projects, u0026 ldquo; Internet+u0026 rdquo; new business cultivation project, smart city construction project, leading enterprise drive project, major support project promotion project, and make every effort to promote economic green rise , Social harmonious development.