• 2023-03-21

The 15th China Youth Robot Contest closed

Sep 30, 2022

On July 25, the 15th Chinese Youth Robot Contest closed at Ordos No. 1 Middle School.

This competition includes a total of 5 projects in the robot comprehensive skills competition, robotic creative competition, FLL robot engineering challenge, VEX robot engineering challenge and robotic football competition. Three groups. After fierce competition, the three groups of the Robot Comprehensive Skills Competition selected a total of 18 teams, 34 teams in the second prize, and 49 teams in the third prize; the three groups of robotic creative competitions were selected for the first prize of 20 pairs. The 29th team, the third prize 50 teams; the three groups of the FLL Robot Engineering Challenge selected a total of 18 pairs of first prize, the second prize 39 team, the third prize 55 team; A total of 18 pairs of first prizes, 30 second prizes, and 51 teams in the third prize; three groups of robotic football competitions selected a total of 19 pairs of first prize, second prize 32 teams, and 42 third prizes.

As the host, Inner Mongolia sent a total of 30 teams to participate in the competition, winning 3 first prizes, 9 second prizes, and 18 third prizes, of which the Youth Activity Center of the Yogele Banner in Ordos won the VEX In the first prize of the Robot Challenge, the Kangbash New District Youth Palace and Tongliao Fifth Middle School won the first prize of the robotic design.

At the closing ceremony, the flag transfer ceremony of the Chinese Youth Robot Contest was also held. The 16th China Youth Robot Contest will be held at the University of Sciences of China.