• 2022-10-06

Yingli Group’s first national defense patent approval was approved

Sep 23, 2022

Recently, the u0026 ldquo; the crystal silicon solar photovoltaic battery and its manufacturing method for the space aircraft u0026 rdquo; the patent authorized by the patent authorized by the patent to achieve zero breakthrough in the national defense patent application.

With the rapid development of photovoltaic technology, solar photovoltaic power generation has become an energy technology for space aircraft to compete. A more stringent requirement is made.

The photovoltaic crystal silicon battery involved in the invention patent can improve the flexibility of the crystal silicon substrate material, and the anti -cracking and mechanical strength of the crystalline silicon substrate material has also greatly improved, effectively reduced effectively The damage rate of crystal silicon wafers. The application of this patent can further obtain ultra -thin crystal silicon barrier, and the weight of the manufactured photovoltaic battery is significantly reduced.

The patent has been applied several rounds of defense since she applied in 2011 and has finally been authorized in the near future. The authorization of this patent will provide theoretical basis and technical and product support for my country’s space flight, and at the same time laid a good foundation for Yingli Group to expand military enterprises cooperation.