• 2023-06-03

Zunhua City’s “Aerospace Medical Technology Selection of Fruit and Variety New Various New Variety Examination Demonstration” project passes the expert acceptance of experts

Sep 23, 2022

Recently, the u0026 ldquo; Aerospace mutation technology selection of fruit and vegetable excellent new varieties test demonstration u0026 rdquo; the project successfully passed the expert acceptance of experts.

u0026 ldquo; Aerospace mutation technology selection of new varieties of fruit and vegetable excellent variety test demonstration u0026 rdquo; The project was jointly completed by Shangheyuan Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. and China Aerospace Science and Technology Group Aerospace Breeding Research Center. In the past two years of the project implementation, 10 large categories have been planted with fruit and vegetable seeds equipped with aerospace, and conducted ratio screening. From the comparison of plant growth, fruit commodity and yield, etc., 3 new varieties have been screened: Aerospace Red Leather Pumpkin New Newly New New varieties of varieties, Hangye No. 1 pepper, and new varieties of Hangfeng purple eggplant eggplant. While screening for varieties, a green high -yield and high -quality cultivation management technical system with new varieties has been established, and u0026 ldquo; aerospace pumpkin cultivation technical procedures u0026 rdquo; and u0026 ldquo; space pumpkin species technical procedures u0026 rdquo; standard. In 2012-2014, the new variety has a cumulative demonstration area of u200bu200b820 acres, which drives 530 farmers to train 1,100 farmers. A total of 30.469 million yuan in social output value was added.