• 2022-10-06

At least 186 EU ISP use depth package detection to shape traffic

Jan 20, 2022

At least 186 EU ISPs use depth package detection to shape traffic, breaking the NGOs in the network, scholars warn DPI’s impact on user privacy, the EU network neutrality may be diminized. According to non-governmental organizations, academia and private companies, although the EU implements network neutral supervision since 2016, European Internet service providers have violated rules and shaped flow. Earlier this week, this group consisting of 45 entities from 15 countries has issued open letters to the EU authorities, expressing concerns about the European Internet service providers violating network neutral rules, and local regulatory authorities ignore their behavior. This letter is issued when the European authorities are negotiating on the EU’s new network neutral rules. These negotiations are currently working with national telecommunications regulators.

Non-governmental organizations and academic groups led by European Digital Rights (EDRI) u0026 ldquo; Some telecommunications regulators seem to be pushing DPI legalization [depth package detection]. u0026 rdquo;

EDRI is worried about the use of the entire depth package detection technology, as this technology allows ISP to shape traffic and implement a hierarchical pricing plan, but it also pose a threat to user privacy, as it allows telecommunications companies to learn more about users.

Some EU ISP has violated regulations

Current network neutral rules allow European ISP to check and create traffic in some cases, but only for network resource optimization, not for commercial or monitoring purposes.

EDRI pointed out that the EU ISP has ignored network neutral rules, and DPI has been deployed in the past few years to check customer traffic and test the expected traffic destination.

EDRI quoted a report released in January 2019, which found that 186 European ISP seem to provide DPI to provide customers with different price concessions.

u0026 ldquo; [ISP] More and more DPI technology is used for traffic management and differential pricing pricing (such as zero rating) for specific applications or services, as part of its product design, u0026 rdquo; EDRI and partner.

u0026 ldquo; DPI Allows [ISP] to identify and distinguish the traffic in its network to identify traffic of a particular application or service, for example, with different ways to limit or take advantage of other traffic. u0026 rdquo;

u0026 ldquo; So far, most regulatory agencies will villiary these network neutral violations. Their current goals seem to be giving up the rules of prohibition of DPI, rather than performing law enforcement duties, u0026 rdquo; Edri said.

The Department should not legalize

If the Internet service provider is exempted by the legal use of DPI technology, I am worried that telecommunications companies may use their legal vulnerabilities to take a layered pricing program as ordinary traffic management operations, and bypass any current network neutral rules..

In addition, the EDRI warning DPI has a huge threat to EU users, because it also allows Telecom’s company to access user data without their consent.

It is expected that the European authorities will disclose new network neutral rules in the fall of 2019.The revised network neutral rules revised in the EU will be expected to vote in March 2020.edri and its partners hope DPI will not legalize, and effective neutral network neutralization and EU privacy legislation.