• 2023-03-21

Digital Technology News: The details of Xiaomi 11 display exposure quadrilateral design or officially appeared at the end of the month

Sep 30, 2022

Recently, many people are paying attention to the information of digital technology. Most netizens want to know the latest digital technology information, because financial information is also closely related to our lives. The information related to the digital technology is collected (the following content is written by the Internet non -editor, please contact the webmaster to delete it if there is any infringement). As the day is getting closer to the online Xiaomi Mi 11 series models, the Internet is officially released, the Internet More news about the series of models appeared on the top. Earlier, the real machine photos of the series of models appeared on the Internet, so that everyone can understand the back design of the mobile phone in advance. On December 16th, [Email u0026#160; Protected] showed you the display details of Xiaomi 11 mobile phones.

Xiaomi Mi 11 mobile phone panel

It can be learned from the graphic content released by the blogger that the front of the Xiaomi Mi 11 mobile phone uses a four -curved surface design. The picture shows the picture. Display glass cover. The display panel of Xiaomi 11 mobile phones has obvious reflection on the upper and lower borders on the left and right, indicating that it has a certain arc, not a direct design. However, it is regrettable that from this component, it is not possible to determine what kind of solution of the front lens of this phone.

Online exposure Xiaomi 11 real machine diagram (picture source from the Internet)

Other aspects, foreign media GIZMOCHINA broke information shows that the launch conference of Xiaomi 11 series mobile phones The date is December 29. This mobile phone is designed with a rounded corner, which is designed with a three -camera design, and there is a relatively obvious flash component next to it. Some bloggers think that this phone is equipped with a 1000 million pixel lens and a prominent ring decoration, which looks pretty good. In addition, Xiaomi 11 uses the blue gradient back design, showing a shiny matte texture.