• 2022-10-06

Digital Technology News: WeChat also launch an electronic reader?Do you want to compete with Amazon Kindle

Sep 23, 2022

Recently, many people are paying attention to the information of digital technology. Most netizens want to know the latest digital technology information, because financial information is also closely related to our lives. The information related to the digital technology is collected (the following content is written by the Internet non -editor, please contact the webmaster if there is any infringement) [If you return to the early years, it is indeed a few years when the electronic reader is very hot. In the market, there are relatively large number of users such as Amazon’s Kindle, Palm Reading IReader, BOOX, and other products. Later, with the popularity of smartphones, the market of such products suffered a certain degree of squeezing and narrowed a lot. However, this does not hinder the development plan of some companies in this industry. Recently, it is reported that WeChat has to make ink screen readers.

Network WeChat e -reader is coming

[Email u0026#160; Protected], a 6 -inch E INK display on WeChat, the resolution is 1072 1072 × 1448 device is under plan. WeChat’s ink screen reader runs Android simplified version of the operating system, equipped with 2GB storage, 32GB memory, and uses the Type-C interface. The most important thing is that the “WeChat reading” software is pre-installed.


In addition, the blogger said that it is currently not known whether this device does not support users to download and install applications like Amazon, or other brands of electronic reading It supports users to download and install applications by themselves like the device, but one thing is certain. WeChat plans to advance the development of the “WeChat reading” business forward and compete with existing products in the market.