• 2023-03-21

Google Assistant now allows you to allocate reminder for relatives and friends

Jun 6, 2022

Google Assistant has a new feature that allows you to allocate reminders for your family. This feature allows you to send reminders to the family group. After sending, the recipient will be notified through the mobile phone.

This is its way of working. All you have to do is to use Google Assistant to create voice reminders and set up display time. You can also set the reminder to activate when the receiver is in a specific location. In other words, parents can send reminders to their children, or your wife can set up to remind you to wash clothes near the laundry.

In addition, Google Assistant also allows you to set repeated reminders, and you can always check the reminders sent to others or send it to you. Needless to say, you can use u0026 ldquo; Hey Google u0026 rdquo; wake -up words to use all features. You can also create reminders for roommates to get grocery or payment bills. This feature will begin displaying on Android phones and smart monitors in the United States, Britain and Australia. Once announced, it is also expected to use with Google Nest Hub Max.

In order to allocate reminders, you need to say u0026 ldquo; Hey Google, remind Greg to remove the garbage at 8 pm. u0026 rdquo; Greg will receive notifications on Smart Display, Google Home Speaker and the phone. At the same time, you can say u0026 ldquo; Hey Google, what is my reminder to greg? u0026 Rdquo; to view reminders sent to specific people.

As mentioned earlier, this feature is only applicable to the person in your Google Family group. The company believes that the reminder function will also be used to motivate other members of the family or better cooperate.