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WeChat function tutorial: What is WeChat

Sep 30, 2022

WeChat is a mobile chat software that Tencent quickly sends voice text messages, videos, pictures and texts through the Internet on January 21, 2011, and supports multi -group chat chat software. Users can be richer in forms like text messages, MMS and other methods in form through WeChat. WeChat software itself is completely free, and no features will be charged. Internet traffic fees incurred during WeChat are charged by online operators. On March 29, 2012, there were more than 100 million registered users.


WeChat is a faster instant messaging tool with functions such as zero -rate fee, cross -platform communication, and displaying real -time input status. Compared with traditional SMS communication, it is more flexible and more flexible, more flexible, more flexible, more flexible, more flexible, and more flexible, and more flexible, more flexible, and more flexible and flexible. Smart and saves tariffs.

WeChat supports iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Saipan platform in smartphones.

The specific characteristics are as follows:


① Support sending voice text messages, videos, pictures (including expressions) and text

② Support multi -group chat (Up to 20 people)

③ Support the person who uses WeChat near the location near the location (LBS function)

④ Support Weibo, mailbox, drift bottle, voice notepad, QQ synchronous assistant and other plugins Function

Multi -Platform

Supporting mutual receipt messages between mobile phones to support iPhone, Android, Windowsphone, Saipan platform

Provincial traffic
① Picture, voice, voice voice And video optimization, 1M can send about 1,000 articles information, 1000 seconds of voice information, about 1 minute video information

② only about 2.4k/hour in the background operation (please refer to the expenses related to the guideline for detail

Software Name: Tencent WeChat Software version: 4.0 official version Software size: 10.31MB Software authorization: Free Applicable platform: Android Download address: //dl.pconline.com.cn/download/64913.html Related Reading:
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WeChat name Daquan Girls

There are more and more friends who use the IT digital device app today, so there are many tips in the IT digital device app. Many friends generally do not know how to come. Used, what is the tutorial that the WeChat is about WeChat today?Let’s have some help.